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Clenet Cluster Weekend 2011
35th Anniversary Reunion
Santa Barbara Concours d'Elegance

Back in the day, we called them Clenet Clambakes, but for the last decade or so we've called them Clenet Cluster Reunions. No matter what you call these events, the last meeting on the weekend of Oct 29-30, 2011 was simply marvelous.

More than 20 cars were in the Clenet Corral

Here are some links to YouTube videos which highlight our event:

Clenet Party
Clenet Cluster and Corral
Clenet Recognition
Participation Trophies
Other Views at the Concours

Famed artist Barry Rowe included a Clenet as part of the year's Concours poster.

Barry's artwork was also on the Concours' program cover which included the following article:

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