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Clenet Coachworks made just over 480 automobiles. In the following tables, we will try to register the latest known owner and location of each Series Series III Asha and Series IV. Information has been taken from Clambakes, old Coachword articles and other sources. The data is far from complete so please contribute when you see errors, missing or old information. We often hear of cars for sale or persons looking to buy a Clenet. Maybe we can help you but please remember we are not dealers, just owner-enthusiasts.

The original Clenet Coachworks produced 36 Series III (Asha) automobiles. The first 14 had hardtops, the following 22 were convertibles. The Carpinteria works then produced 15 more convertibles from 1984 to 1986 bringing the total to 51. Note, however that records have been lost and memories differ. Many times, cars were built out of sequence. The Carpinteria period was a very sad time in Clenet history. It lasted only a very short time before filing bankruptcy. Alain Clenet was totally out of the picture during this period. The Carpinteria outfit was under the control of a certain Alfred DiMora who oversold financial interests in the company and was eventually incarcerated.

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Type & Number Current Owner loc Once owned by loc Comments click on picture
Series III - #1 Herb BaileyNC .. midnight blue
Series III - #2 Jean Pierre PourteyronF .. long time owner
Series III - #4 Will HouseMA Bill ToddIL .
Series III - #5 Milan MalayCZ JP Van de BundtFL hardtop
Series III - #9 .CA .. hardtop
Series III - #10 Diana TompkinsFL .. .
Series III - #12 John GeorgeCA .. .
Series III - #13 Pierre MitelmannF .. hardtop
Series III - #14 Gerardo LopezNC Maria SotoPR hardtop
Series III - #18 Martin van EijsdenNL .. .
Series III - #20 Tom PusheckCA .. .
Series III - #22 Maria and Edward PrattTX .. .
Series III - #24 Antiek van LaarhovenNL .. special Tonneau cover
and removable hardtop
Series III - #26 Bob SimpsonFL .. hardtop
Series III - #27 Rodger HarrisonAU .. older photo
Series III - #30 Larry SharpCA .. .
Series III - #37 Linda RoseCA .. .
Series III - #42 Phillipe ClenetFR .. Alain's brother
Series III - #44 Ronald LeeTX .. .
Series III - #45 Alex RankinPA Ken & Betty PetersonCA .
Series III - #46 Andreas S. StrayF .. .
Series III - #47 .. .. .
Series III - #48 Eddy Van AckerB .. .
Series III - #50 Gil DavisLA .. .
Series III - #51 Robin BarnesUK .. .
Series III - #52 Jack BurnsCA .. .

The Series IV was a Carpinteria venture and only one true production model was made. There were some 10 frames laid out for this car, and some were assembled afterwards which we classify as "nearly Clenets". The serial number of the car produced is out of sequence because the owner wanted 007 on the plaque. Certain people argue that the Series IV was not a Clenet at all since Alain Clenet had little to do with its production. It bears much resemblance to a car Alain originally designed for the Japanese market.

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Type & Number Current Owner loc Once owned by loc Comments click on picture
Series IV - #1 Brenda DukeAZ .. .
Series IV - #3 Paul RothSC Ron SmithCA .
Series IV - #7 Roy JuddCA .. only real Series IV
built at Carpinteria
Series IV - slo John Rose JrCA .. last car from
San Luis Obispo

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